5 Top Summer Sports For Pets

Keeping them busy isn’t that hard to do, IF your looking to get a little creative. Do you have a dog that really needs to be kept busy? Not only physically, but also mentally stimulated and you’re looking for ideas, we have put together our Top 5 Summer semi unusual sports for you to try.

You may have consider doing obedience training or have already completed it and your dog is spot on. There’s agility or perhaps even flyball, but you we have compiled our top 5 Summer Sports you may not have heard of …

Fan Fav. #1: Treibball

Treibball began in Germany and is a great outlet for herding breeds. You’re going to take eight large balls and set them up in a triangle and the dog is to push the balls into the ‘goal’ as though herding up a mob of sheep. Click here for a video demonstration.  Check it out and film your own video and show us how much your family enjoys it. https://youtu.be/qFpH_WLC4qs

Fan Fav. #2: Bikejoring

Do you love the idea of sledding in the winter and hate that you can’t do it during the Summer? No problem, why not try out Bikejoring? Easily attach a sled to a specialised towline to the front of your bike and get pedaling. The sport is typically done on trails and you will need a very obedient dog who won’t take you hurtling off-road chasing a possum just on leash!

Fan Fav. #3: Earthdog

Calling all little dogs owners. We’ve got something for you too! If you have a little one that was bred to hunt in dens or even underground, they are going to love this. Special tunnels are designed to allow your dog to safely compete in simulated hunts. There are different levels of difficulty as your dog progresses, which means endless times to have fun and work hard. See it done here.


Fan Fav. #4: Dock Diving

If your dog loves to play a game of catch and loves to swim, dock jumping could be just the sport to keep him amused and have fun. In dock diving, dogs will leap from a platform 2 feet above the water and retrieve a toy. They are judged on distance and height. Check out how much these dogs are loving the sport. https://youtu.be/zFtfOHwyMvc

Fan Fav. #5: Nose Work

If you have a dog born that was born to sniff, Nosework is the best course for them to use those natural abilities to find a smell. This can be anything, but is traditionally something like birch essence on a cotton tip. There are specialised dog schools set up to help teach your dog Nosework and competitions to up the ante. It’s not a widely active class to burn off energy, but for those dogs who always have their head to the ground, these classes are exciting and stimulating for them.

Pick one or pick them all, we hope this collection inspires you and your family to get out with your furry companion and have some new sporting adventures.