Let the party planning begin

We all love a good party. So much that we search for the perfect excuse to hold one. From gender reveal to Super Bowl parties. Why not celebrate your dog. It’s the perfect reason to have a fun filled day with excitement and drool. You know it’s a genius idea, from their birth date to their gotcha day it’s the best idea for 2017 to host a dog party.


Well we can check off the honoree. Let’s start with guests. Do you visit a local dog park? Dog day care or family in your pups social crowd. You have to keep in mind that even though your dog gets a long with them, will they get a long with each other. Best bet, don’t invite more than 9 dogs. Keep in mind if their owners will be joining, if not plan for chaperones. It’s a doggie, dog world but manners need to be kept an eye on.


Location, location, location

Dog party’s are much different then a human party, but you probably got that. Dogs don’t enjoy sitting the night away at the dinning room table or a poker table. Dogs really don’t no how to play the game right. You’ll need ample space for around and a potty area.


Speaking about games

Even though you could let them run around like nut jobs it’s fun to have physical and mental stimulation. Creating games can not only be fun for them, but also your guests. Click here for our diy game ideas for the dogs. Also having games for humans is great. Try printing out big pictures of different breeds of dogs. Form two teams. Take one volunteer and tape an image to their backs. Their team mates need to give that person hints to guess the breed. When they get it rotate to a different team member. They get a minute to guess between rotations. The team with the most correct guesses wins. If it’s a summer party, pull out the hose and a kiddie pool and watch all the fun to begin.


Themes and decorations

Where they might not care about the color of the streamers it helps to bring happiness to your human guests that helps lighten the mood which dogs can read and won’t need to feel as guarded. You can keep it simple and choose a blue or pink or keep it gender neutral. There are some great themes for kids that can be used for dogs.  Or, you could have some real fun and set up bowls for doggie cake. Tennis balls can be a great game and an even better decoration. Grab some vases and fill with tennis balls or dog biscuits. Buy some green round paper lanterns, white paint and draw lines on as if you’re making it look like hanging tennis balls.



How does pupperoni pizza, sticks (pretzel rods), pupcorn, puppy chow, pawtatoe chips, toilet water (blue kool aide) and so on. For dogs, high end grain free dog food, so no one has an allergy attack. And the best part pupcakes or a large dog cake. Everyone loves the sweet stuff and frosting on the nose. You can also do whip cream cups, those are a huge hit!


Go home time

Everyone loves a good goodie bag. Fun toys, treats and the kind gesture of saying thank you. Color scheme in mind. You can go to your local dog bakery and pick up a few dozen treats, doggy bandanas from hobby lobby and a home made rope toy. Perfect end to great day. Games, friends drool and one of the greatest excuses for a party. Don’t forget to send us an invite, you know we’re one of their best friends.