If Pets Could Speak, This Is What They'd Say About Prairie Path

We love getting reviews from our clients! In fact, it’s what we aim for every time. We want our clients to feel motivated to share how great their service was, every time, at every visit. If we haven’t convinced you yet, perhaps words from our humans will help.

Pet Pro Facts

An adult cat can run about 12 miles per hour, and can sprint at nearly thirty miles per hour.

Testimonials from our Wheaton friends

Alexandra H. from Wheaton, IL said:

I moved to Wheaton back in January of 2015 from Charleston, SC. I literally moved in on a Friday and started work on Monday. I did extensive research on the internet regarding pet walking service and I went with Prairie Pet Care. Not only did I base my decision on my web search but the building management also recommended them without even knowing that I decided to go with previously. That just made me happy that I made the right decision.

I love the technology that they use as well. With my previous dog walker, she would leave me handwritten notes about what my dog did. With Prairie Path, I get an email when the check in and an email when they check out with a note of what the dog did. I no longer have to wait until the end of the day! I also like that I can track their walk on the internet with their nifty GPS system.

I once had to book an overnight visit over a long weekend. The dog walker not only took care of my dog but also took out the garbage and stripped the linens from the bed – something that she totally didn’t have to do but it was one less thing I had to deal with after a compressed business trip/

I love this company!! I would love to live a little closer to my job (O’Hare Airport) but because my dog loves his walker and I love this company, I’m staying where I am until my project is done in two years! They are awesome! 2 Paws UP!

Alissa S. from Wheaton, IL said:

Tom, Ashley and the rest of the crew at Prairie Path have been nothing but accommodating, flexible, friendly and trustworthy during the eight months I’ve used their service (daily afternoon walks plus periodic overnights at my house). The real differentiator for me has been their online system – I love getting emails to let me know that my dog’s walk has started and a full write-up of the outing at its conclusion. This has been one of those services I didn’t know I needed until it was offered; now I can’t imagine going back to paper notes about the walk left at my house. Payment and scheduling are super easy, too. Highly recommend!

Andrea T. from Bartlett, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care has taken exceptional care of our world, our dog, Tyson. The Prairie Path team is incredibly knowledgeable about the care that goes into working with pets. I’ve had the opportunity to be home on a few occasions and our pup couldn’t be happier with his walker. I love how forward thinking Prairie Path is regarding the care of Tyson, as the walker has to scan a QR code at the beginning of the walk and the end of the walk. I receive an email each time they scan in and out so I know when they’ve been at our home and I also receive detailed notes about their visit with Tyson. The piece of mind that comes with working Prairie path is priceless.

Anthony B. from Carol Stream, IL said:

We have been using Prairie Path Pet Care for about 6 months now. They always provide prompt, attentive care for our Westie. Our pet sitters are very knowledgeable about taking care of our dog and provide excellent care. They are always very flexible with our scheduling needs which can change week to week with my wife’s and my work schedule. Many times we have to change visits at the last minute and Prairie Path is always very accommodating. It really helps us out a lot to know they are there to provide pet walking and feeding services as we need them. Melanie our dog walker is an excellent care taker of our Westie. She is always very attentive to our dog on her visits and makes sure she gets extra attention. We really appreciate that.

Barbara B. from VIlla Park, IL said:

I was nervous about giving someone the keys and alarm code to my house at first but after meeting Tom & Bella I realized that this was a legit company with nice responsible people. We’ve been using Prairie Path for a few weeks now and it’s been such a great experience. I love the daily email about my dog. They have made our lives so much easier and taken away the stress of leaving our dog at home all day while we are at work.

Beth D. from Wheaton, IL said:

I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. Twice now I’ve left on trips out of town and last minute I needed someone to watch my two sweetest boys, Ivan and Nigel. Ivan and Nigel are Bengal cats and aren’t the friendliest cats to new people. However, it was clear from the photos Shawn sent while I was away they warmed right up to him! It’s comforting to know I have someone to count on and that my boys will be taken good care of while away! I would have no problem recommending them to anyone in Wheaton or Glen Ellyn looking for their pet sitting or dog walking services.

Brian K. from Wheaton, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care has been great!  I got my pup back in June and have been using their service since about August so just over 3 months now.

At first we hired a person from our neighborhood which seemed like a good idea but you do have to factor in the fact that a neighborhood person is just one person.  Prairie Path has back up walkers if something comes up and that is a huge advantage that I didn’t even think about.

At first I thought the daily e-mails were a little much but it is very comforting knowing exactly when your dog gets taken out.  Tom is the manager I believe and he responds to my e-mails and calls right away every time.  He is very professional and friendly.  Trienne walks our dog and she has been so nice and accommodating to our schedule.  I would recommend Prairie Path to anyone!!  Thank you for taking such good care of my dog.

Christine B. from Wheaton, IL said:

We had Prairie Path Pet Care  pet sit our two dogs (60 lbs and 35 lbs) for 4 1/2 days. Choosing to leave them at home so they would be happier was our main reason for not boarding.  Our dogs are like family to us.  Our male does not like to let strangers into the house but after a visit with the sitters prior to our leaving he fell in love with them and even snuggled on the couch.  Both dogs did great and our very specific directions for care were followed reliably.  Both dogs were way more relaxed when we got home than when we left them in a kennel which was the biggest plus of leaving them.  I would highly recommend this service and you may email me with any questions.

Dawn M. from Wheaton, IL said:

I recently adopted an American Pit bull who has a lot of energy to say the least.  When I first called and spoke to Tom I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to care for my dog Zeus because of his breed. Tom immediately assured me that they DO NOT discriminate against any breed and offered to meet with me later that day. When Tom and Janell arrived at my apartment my dog Zeus immediately went to them wagging his tail.

Janell is highly dependable and does an amazing job caring for Zeus. After every walk she sends me an update sharing with me how their walk went that day.  Zeus didn’t have much training with walking on a leash but Janell worked with him so he wouldn’t pull on the leash and in such a short time he had made huge improvements. She always takes time to give him belly rubs or to play with him with his toys. A few weeks back Zeus got into some raisin bread and had to go to the vet for a few days. I was really worried I might lose him. Janell emailed me every day to check on him. That meant so much to me. I can’t say enough nice things about Prairie Path. They really do care about their furry clients.

Deb B. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care is AWESOME! They have a fantastic manager named Tom who is very responsive, always available for assistance, and ensures things are done right. He emulates the same characteristics of their staff: they REALLY care about your pet, and understand what your pet means to you. The automated time stamp service and daily email blogs are savvy and fantastic. I know when the walkers arrive and leave remotely, and read and see picture as to how my pet is doing that day. I really feel reassured my pet is safe and well taken care of. Prairie Path provides a service that upholds high accountability to their clients and pets, a most valuable and welcome quality that adds total credibility to their business.

Delane D. from Westchester, IL said:

We chose Prairie Path Pet Care because they use the GPS technology that shows us exactly where they walk our four-legged children. It is reassuring to see that the dogs are actually getting the walk that we pay for.

  • Prairie Path has been on time every day.
  • When we needed last-minute pet care, they were available.
  • They noticed that one of our dogs was sick and alerted us right away.
  • They send a friendly email to summarize each visit.
  • The GPS technology allows us to see exactly where they walk and also reassures us that they are spending the full half-hour that we pay for.

What more could you want?

Highly recommended!

Dorthe H. from Wheaton, IL said:

They are extremely flexible and trustworthy. When my dog had an accident while in the care of my dog walker (absolutely not his fault), he took all necessary actions to provide emergency care and help for my dog.

Eric & Ally from Wheaton, IL said:

My wife and I just moved to Wheaton a few months ago and when we went out of town for 5 days we were very concerned about leaving our cat Belle at the house.  We found Prairie Path Pet Care and did a consultation with Tom Henaghan who walked us through the service and met with Belle.  He seemed very thoughtful and professional so we decided to give them a try.  We are so glad we did!  The service is fantastic and the real-time online updates made us feel at ease.  It is great that you can see when they check in to visit with your pet and when they check out as well as the notes and updates they leave.  We will definitely use the service again!  Thanks Tom!

Erin H. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

My dogs are my family, though I admit, they aren’t the easiest kids for a single mom. When I interviewed Tom at Prairie Path I was blown away at how easily my girls got along with him. Now, bear in mind I have bigger dogs. I have a collie/hound mix and an Aussie Cattle dog who both pull like mushers. They can be a little overprotective, a little aggressive and I’ll spare you the story of how one of them headbutted Tom in her excitement and split his lip.

However, the dogs LOVE Tom. Not only does he come in every day to excited pups and wagging tails but he leaves the most awesome detailed emails of their time together and spends a few extra minutes giving treats and pets.

He’s been invaluable with suggestions on how to make caring for two dogs by myself easy and painless with training tips and suggestions and is there at the drop of a hat to get them out if I get stuck.

I cannot stress enough, I could not in any way be any happier that my dogs have a friend in prairie path and in Tom. This is a ridiculously convenient service with the nicest, most dog friendly people I’ve ever dealt with. My only fear is that my girls will go into mourning if we take a vacation and they don’t see Tom for a while.

Heather B. from Lombard, IL said:

I used this pet care service for the first time last week, as I went out of town and had nobody to take care of my beloved kitty while I was away. I have never used a service before, and I needed additional things done around my house like feeding my fish, watering my plants, and bringing in my mail–all the stuff a friend would have done to take care of my house.  Shawn totally hooked me up!  Not only did I come back to all three fish and my plants still living, but my cat had been well cared for and made it through my absence just fine. THANK YOU Shawn for taking such good care of my pet AND my home while I was away.  Note: The extra things he did for no charge!  I will definitely be using this service again…it’s a great value, especially considering the peace of mind I received in return.

Hillary L. from Carol Stream, IL said:

Prairie Path has been phenomenal!  My family loved them and we got GREAT reports about their friendliness and professionalism from the senior community where they walked my mother’s dog.  They were as impressed as we were.

We used Prairie Path to care for my mothers dog as she was suffering from Alzheimers.  They enabled my mom to keep her dog when she could no longer care for her.

Getting twice daily emails detailing the dog visits helped my sister and I keep up to date with how the dog was doing and what she needed but also gave us regular insight into what my mom was doing.  My mom looked forward to their daily visits.  Fantastic.

The company was reliable, trustworthy and totally compassionate. They were accommodating of our special situation and willing to go the extra mile to help in sensitive situation.  I could not recommend them more highly.

Tom, Brittany, Janell and Tienne – Prairie Path is the best

Irene B. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care is the best!!!! I wouldn’t trust my dogs to anyone else having had them take care of my two “boys” for over 6 months! Tom is accommodating, quick to respond, flexible, kind, loves animals and is able to offer many services that other pet care companies do not have.

I love the emails that the walker sends to me every time she walks my dogs – they put a smile to my face when I’m at work. I also get an email when the walker first comes to the house so I know what time she gets there and what time she leaves. She also tells me how the “boys” are doing that day. She goes out of her way to get to know them and remembers things such as opening the basement door if its storming outside since she knows that one of my boys is afraid of the thunder! She dispenses medicines, refills water bowls and even takes the time to play and pet them. I asked Tom to have the walker turn on my air conditioning in the house one morning as I was driving to work since I forgot. And of course the walker did so my “boys” were comfortable that day!

I can say without a doubt that Tom and his crew are the kindest and most dependable pet sitters I have ever had.

Jay G. from Carol Stream, IL said:

What a positive experience working with Prairie Path Pet Care has been.  From the first time our high-energy Boston Terrier met Tom, I knew that we had chosen the correct dog walking service.  Our main dog walker has been Ashley (she is excellent).  I love my job, but I would say that the highlight of my day is receiving her witty, entertaining summary of the daily visit.

Truly a 5-star company for their high level of communication, customer service, and attention to detail.

Joe O. from Villa Park, IL said:

Tom and Bella both switch off walking and playing with our pup five days a week while we are stuck in the office. No matter what the weather is like, these folks show up and make sure your dog is doing alright and gets some good exercise outdoors. They make things super convenient and are absolutely trustworthy and extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling.

John A. from Wheaton, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care is the best. There are a lot of choices in my area and I always use this firm. The team that takes care of my dog really loves what they do and love the animals they walk or take care of. I like how easy it is to schedule a walk and it is really great that I get an email when they arrive and when they leave I get another email with notes about the activities and a map of where they went. They have leveraged technology in a way that enhances their service rather than make it feel like I’m doing something easier for them. Can’t ask for much more with people who love my dog as much as I do taking care of her and I get the tech as a bonus. For me they are number one because of the people and the company behind them. Everyone there seems to care deeply and they all seem to follow the same protocols and procedures. Being a business owner myself, these are key things I look for with any company I give business to.

Judy B. from Wheaton, IL said:

“Pre” is our energetic, loving and loyal Vizsla companion. Leaving him is difficult but necessary at times. Thankfully, Prairie Path Pet Care has been able to help me fill that void. Initially, their consultation was very thorough as several people (including our walker) participated. Not only did they become acquainted with Pre, but they carefully listened to my instructions and concerns. Since that time, PPPC has been loving, consistent, punctual and thorough in their care and appointments. Their scheduling and billing is easy and convenient (texting and online). My favorite part of their service is the emails I receive following a visit and describing the visit! I have been very pleased with PPPC’s services, and quite frankly, am surprised there are not more companies like them.

Karen K. from Naperville, IL said:

Our 8 year old chocolate Lab, Hershey and 11 year old white mini- schnauzer , Bailey LOVE Julie , our current dog walker and sitter when we travel !  I met Tom in the beginning of the year when my husband and I moved from Glen Ellyn to downtown Naperville as were looking for a reliable and trustworthy pet care service.   There were several other pet care businesses in the area, but it was Prairie Path that was and continues to be the ace in the hole.  We have been with Tom and the Prairie Path family since April 2014.  My husband and I love the technology scan recording via email when Julie arrives and departs from our home.  The walks average 25 minutes and receiving an email mid day at work about how our dogs are doing is a huge comfort.  I do continue to journal long hand with Julie as well which makes us feel like a family.  I know the boys miss her on the weekends.  If I had a question or needed to change or cancel a walk, Tom returned my text or call promptly with no worries.  The owners and staff of Prairie Path Pet Care are truly caring and compassionate people who love our furry four paws when we can not be at home . Payment can be by credit card or check though I prefer the credit card for the ease and “points” on card.  Give them a  shout !!!  5 thumbs up !!!

Kate H. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

I feel 100% confident that my 2 dogs (Samson & Ruby) are in good hands with any of their employees. My dogs get walked every weekday around noon and sometimes need pet sitting for several hours or days here and there. I’m pretty sure that our main walker (Christienne) is Ruby’s favorite person in the world. All their dog walkers take great care of my dogs. I receive an email when the dog walker arrives and scans a magnet on my refrigerator. Then I receive an email when he/she leaves with a summary of the walk and the amount of time they were there. The summaries are always full of energy and frequently make me laugh.

Kristi K. from Wheaton, IL said:

I have been a customer for close to two years now for their dog walking services and their service has been nothing short of spectacular since day one. Their business acumen has been apparent from the start through a very attentive, knowledgeable and responsive approach to client management and the high emphasis placed on pet care and safety. I researched several pet care providers before deciding that PPPC was the ideal fit. What impressed me most was the way that they leverage technology to create transparency into their activities through the online platform. As a pet owner, one of the things I look forward to everyday is the email that notifies me when my dog walk has begun and the follow-up email, with notes, that tells me the outcome of the walk, the duration, and even the route taken. I have no doubts that I am getting the great service that I am paying for with each scheduled walk. My dog Lola is like my child so her safety is number one, and I believe that PPPC takes that responsibility very seriously and values her wellbeing, as well as that of all the other animals they care for each day. I greatly appreciate their business model of assigning a single dog walker to your account so you are not faced with a revolving door of people entering into your home. I continue to highly recommend them to others when asked about dog walkers in the area.

Mackenzie G. from Lombard, IL said:

When searching for a dog walker I had no idea where to start! I did an online search and after reading a lot of great reviews for Prairie Path, I gave them a call. Tom was able to come over that evening and set up a new account for Delilah to have a walker out the very next day. I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to accommodate my procrastination and last minute request!

Cheryl has been walking my dog now for three weeks and I can tell you that not only is she prompt, she also sends the best updates on what she did with my pup for the day. It makes me feel very comfortable to know that I am having someone walk my dog who will put in the effort when I cannot. They follow all my requests and even have been helping out with obedience training while on the leash since she is only 10 months old.

I couldn’t be happier or feel more comfortable that my dog is being taken good care of while I am gone and being loved all along the way!

Mike R. from Wheaton, IL said:

I live in Wheaton Center and found Prairie Path Pet Care through the Internet and Yelp. This service is absolutely amazing. Not only were they responsive and open to any situation we had for them, they were able to adjust our services on short notice while keeping us updated as the changes were implemented. The software they use is amazing and allows you the comfort of seeing your pet being walked, for how long, and where. Not only that, but their dog walkers (Jessie is awesome) write great reviews and notes to let you know how the walk went. I love that they wrote both negative and positive things they noticed with our pup. After all, everyone knows puppies can be fun and plenty of work! They take great care of the pup and make sure she has everything she needs prior to them leaving. Its not often that a dog walker averages over 30min with your dog when your services are quoted at 20min! Great peace of mind.

If you are looking for dog walking or dog care services, your search should stop here. I have never felt so at ease leaving a pet with someone else. They keep you well informed and give you the peace of mind that your dog is in good hands. Bravo guys and keep it up!

Pam D. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

Thank you Tom and Prairie Path Pet Care! Just got back from a long weekend trip and I am so happy with the service that Prairie Path provided for my two cats. They made sure that they understood my cats personalities and any quirks they have. I received a message when the visit started and ended and what I liked best of all was the daily e-mail update about the visit that really put my mind at ease that everything was going well and they were in good hands. You can tell they really care about your pets and they take the time to make sure your pets are OK while you are gone. Not just stop in and throw food and water in a bowl and leave. Really professional and I highly recommend them and will use Prairie Path again to take care of my two guys!

Patrick K. from Bensenville, IL said:

I moved out to the suburbs from downtown Chicago last year with my dog Laszlo, without any recommendation for a local dog walker/sitter. After extensive research online, I narrowed down to Prairie Path Pet Care and on other company. After screening both, I went with PPPC and let me tell you…the single best find since I moved out here! The owner and manager of the company are incredibly accessible and very prompt on replying to any questions I may have. My dog walkers themselves (we have one regular walker, but if she’s out for a day another steps in) are fantastic. They are very knowledgeable, warm, fun-loving and above all else, my boy Laszlo loves them and I can tell they love him too! One of the services that sold the deal for me is the daily note/story I receive from my walker after every single walk via email! With her stories, it’s like I am right there watching the two of them play and enjoy their time every day together. It puts a smile on my face every day. The technology and communication the company uses checking in at the beginning of each walk, followed by the check out at the end, makes keeping up with them very easy. They auto debit my account each week followed by an emailed receipt for my records, so it is effortless on my end. When I have to travel, they come to my house to take care of Laszlo! It is such a relief to not have to drag him into a daycare where he’s stuck in a crate at night. He gets the luxury of his own house now when I’m out of town, which is PRICELESS. I just cannot say enough good things about Prairie Path Pet Care. Top to bottom, inside and out, one of the best companies I’ve been lucky enough to find and work with!

Patty P. from Wheaton, IL said:

I’ve been using Prairie Path Pet Care since the beginning of June. They come every day and give my 2 dogs a mid day walk/potty break. Of course that also includes some treats and fresh water, tossing a tennis ball, etc. I have a Great Dane (Fiona) and a Pekingese (Vinny). Jessie, my dog walker, took the initiative to get Vinny a dog stroller because his little legs can’t keep up with his long legged sister. Great group of people that go above and beyond, always keeping the best interests of my dogs in mind. So happy to have found them!

Renee C. from Wheaton, IL said:

We were first time dog owners so we were skeptical about having someone coming in and dealing with our new 2 month old puppy and of course having keys to our place…BUT after meeting Tom we knew we had made the right decision. You could see he genuinely loved animals by how he was with our Jada…Whenever we had a question (and i had many) he was ALWAYS quick to respond and put us at ease…

I was working from home a few days here and there and I got a chance to meet Jessie…she is the one who walks Jada daily and I could see not only how much Jessie liked Jada…but how much Jada LOVED Jessie…she isn’t like that with everyone…I was very impressed…

One day I had gotten a call from Tom letting me know there was something wrong with our front door…not only did Tom do that BUT then he stayed there until maintenance got there so our house wasn’t left open…..they go above and beyond to make sure while we are gone that everything not only goes well with our “baby” but also with our place as well….

To top it off I came home one day to some beautiful flowers from them wishing me a speedy recover from surgery….it was so thoughtful….

If you are looking for a place to come in and take care of your pets I HIGHLY…HIGHLY suggest going with Prairie Path…you won’t be disappointed.

Sonya H. from Wheaton, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care walks my three dogs daily, and I couldn’t be happier with the service, how much they care about my boys and how conscientious they are.  One of my dogs is 14, and a bit frail.  They always inform me of how he’s doing, let me know immediately when something isn’t right and take extra special care of him.  I feel very comfortable knowing that they are in good hands.

I also love the daily emails – I can see how things are going in real time – don’t have to wait til I get home from work to get the info.

Tom really cares about his human customers and most importantly, he cares about the four legged ones too.  He goes above and beyond to make sure we are all happy, and he makes adjustments to ensure that our needs are being met.  I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with Prairie Path Pet Care.

Susan T. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

From my initial contact with Prairie Path Pet Care, I was impressed. They promptly return calls, walked me through their process, are flexible, concerning of my needs and respectful of my property. Best of all, they love my dog Jenny. They use a computer program that lets me know when they arrive, and provide notes on all that occurred while on their visit (where they walked, any eating/eliminating, play time, etc.) They hire wonderful caregivers who truly love their jobs and are consummate professionals linked to their passion for pets. I have contacted other pet sitters, and none provided the prompt and enthusiastic response that I received from Prairie Path!

Susan W. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

I had the most amazing and wonderful experience with Prairie Path, Tom went above and beyond what you could ever expect from any other pet sitting service. I do not leave my pets very often and do so with some anxiety, but since using this service I will never again leave my pets with any anxiety but rather with peace and contentment knowing they are in great hands. In the middle of the night I woke up in a high rise hotel to hearing a cat meowing, knowing this hotel is not pet friendly I was worried that something may have happened to my cats, I called Tom from prairie path at 2:30am feeling a bit embarrassed but unable to sleep, he assured me that he would get up and check on them and a few minutes later, he sent me a text with a pic of my kittys safe and sound, he is amazing! I cant thank Tom and prairie path enough for the relief I had knowing they were alright, I was able to get a good nights rest and I will always call Prairie Path for all of my future travel…….Thank you and God Bless you Tom!

Testimonials from our Nashville friends

Amber K. from Nashville, TN said:

Zack was amazing with our girls Reese & Riley! We would highly recommend his services to anyone that needs someone to care for their pets! He sent a detailed report from their walk which was greatly appreciated and we will definitely be calling on him again to keep and/or walk our girls!

Chaitra K. from Nashville, TN said:

Zach took care of my two cats when I was away for a whole week. I was noticeably anxious since I didn’t know how they would cope without me. The updates I received from Zach during each visit helped calm my fears considerably and I knew they were in good hands. I came back home to happy and healthy cats.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Prairie Path Pet Care. Five Stars!!

Christian H. from Nashville, TN said:

Ive used Zach with prairie path for almost six months now. He is consistent, reliable and trustworthy. Even on snow days when the whole city is shut down Zach is still willing to work. He walks my pup 3 times a week and has for 6 months and has never cancelled. Highest recommendations!!

Elizabeth F. from Nashville, TN said:

I LOVE Prairie Path!! Zach is awesome! Besides getting some exercise and running off that puppy energyI have noticed some improvements on her being on the leash, going up the stairs (she refused with me) and being more comfortable in her crate! I will suggest this place to everyone that ever asks about dog walking and I will continue to use them!

Joseph B. from Nashville, TN said:

I’m so glad that I found Prairie Path. Zach has been extremely helpful in taking care of our pets while we are away. They also have the Pet Check Technology that allows you to know when they arrive and when they leave the residence, while also providing a brief summary of their actions. I was very impressed with their services.

Kimmie C. from Wheaton, IL said:

These guys are amazing! I work 60+ hours a week with my schedule changing from week to week and they are flexible in changing days and times for walking my puppy. Emails are sent out after every walk giving you an update on how your puppy did on their walk and how it went. This is so awesome! When I work all day it always makes me smile when I get these emails. It’s like I’m there with her when I can’t be! And the walkers are amazing! My puppy loves them so much! I tell everyone how awesome they are and recommend them to everyone with a pet that needs a little help in taking care of them when they can’t be there! I just plain love these guys!

Lisa T. from Nashville, TN said:

I have been blessed with 3 large dogs and one my sweet pups is a bit “special needs” with one eye and a bit of trust issues. Once my dog sitters had moved away, I’ve been faced with a considerable amount of anxiety to find anyone to watch my pups at home while we travel. Once I talked to Zach (the manager) I finally felt hope that maybe I would be able to travel again. Meeting Zach and his perseverance to allow my dogs to gain trust was amazing!! He watched my pups for a long weekend and we came back to 3 happy pups and great reports during the visits. I was able to relax and enjoy my vacation for the first time in a very long time. I am incredibly thankful to Zach and Prairie Path for helping me and my dog-family and will continue to recommend them for doggie needs!!

Michael S. from Arrington, TN said:

The service we received from Prairie Path Pet Care exceeded our expectations. Our English Bull Dog, Rudy loved Zach! We went out of town for the weekend and Zach came out twice a day to feed Rudy and give him plenty of exercise. Zach put in a tracker that sent me e-mails of when he arrived, the duration, and personalized messages of how Rudy was faring. This provided us with trust and peace of mind that Rudy was doing well and in good hands.

I would highly recommend Prairie Path Pet Care! Awesome experience!

Shawn F. from Chicago, IL said:

Zach has the highest integrity and character of anyone I know. I’m thrilled to have him as a business partner and excited to see how he changes the landscape of pet care in Nashville for the better. There’s a new dog walker in town and you can bet he’s going to raise the standard!

Sheila G. from Nashville, TN said:

I am so grateful that one of my colleagues recommended Prairie Path Pet Care. My walker, Zach, is wonderful with my dog and I feel at ease knowing he’s there to take care of my Buddy! I had trouble in the past with walkers forgetting to show up and never have to worry with this company due to the technology that lets me know the service has started and when it’s completed. I appreciate the personal notes to let me know how my pet did each time. The service is excellent and the cost is more than reasonable for what you get and particularly the peace of mind of having someone I can trust to take care of this most important member of my family! I highly recommend this company!

Stacy H. from Nashville, TN said:

I first met Zach and Prairie Path a few months back when I called with a VERY last minute request. Being new to Nashville, I googled in-home pet care for my 2 cats. Within an hour, Zach called me back and was over making an introduction later that evening – my trip was the next day! He was thorough and took the time to get to know my boys. Since then, Zach and his team have been AMAZING. They are there when I need them and give me the peace of mind I need when I am traveling (which is quite often). I especially like that I get email notices when the visit starts and ends, complete with notes….plus, if there are any issues, Zach calls right away.

I’d certainly recommend Prairie Path!

Tammi G. from Bartlett, IL said:

So glad we found this dog-walking service! Our walker comes 3 days a week while the family is at work and school which has been crucial in house – training our puppy. Bailey is crazy about her and gets much-needed mid-day exercise. The electronic check-in and GPS technology are really cool features which I have not seen elsewhere – all for a lower cost than the other quotes I received. I highly recommend this company!

Tara G. from Nashville, TN said:

Zach and the folks at Prairie Path were great! We got personalized updates on how are pups were doing with every visit. They even cleaned up after the dogs so we didn’t come home to a mess. Great to know such a good company is out there and we will definitely be using them again!

Wendy S. from Lombard, IL said:

Prairie Path is great with an amazing, caring team! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Testimonials from our Crystal Lake friends

Brian C. from Naperville, IL said:

Great service and price. Love that you get an email notification/update when your dog is out for their walk. Would definitely recommend!

Elizabeth H. from Winfield, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care is an awesome company that really puts your pets’ needs first. Everyone is so friendly and you can tell how much the employees truly enjoy caring for animals. Scheduling is super easy and they are very accommodating with last minute appointments or changes! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for trustworthy and responsible pet care!

Liz H from Lake in the Hills, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care has outstanding customer service, professionalism, and technological innovation. I did extensive research into companies before choosing PPPC and no other companies matched their concern for my dog’s well being. Prior to the walking services beginning, I completed a packet for them to know how to best service my animal and it was apparent on our very first meeting that they had genuinely reviewed the information I provided and cared to exceed all of my expectations. Each visit they provide me with a detailed, personal description of the time they spent with my animal, showing that they truly care about her and her well-being. All of this coupled with the technology for notifying me when they enter and exit my home as well as the location they take my dog for her walks makes their business markedly superior to other dog walking/sitting services.

Marlene V. from Cary, IL said:

I have two Chihuahua’s which are both rescue dogs. One of them is only 4lbs and the other one is also tiny. Both are very afraid of people and won’t go by anyone but Eric from Prairie Path. Eric comes in to let them out and things have totally turned around. He is wonderful with them and they are so happy and comfortable with him, something I never thought possible. I can’t say enough about this service. They go way above expectations to make my animals content. I could never thank them enough for taking that kind of time. Anyone that can start up a business and run it as smooth and caring as Prairie Path Pet Care has done, I would refer to everyone without hesitation.

Nicole Z. from Crystal Lake, IL said:

These guys seriously, seriously rock. I recently moved to Crystal Lake with my Aussie mix, Bailey, who I had also recently adopted. Bailey is high-energy and has a bit of anxiety. I was in need of someone to check on her/take her out while I’m at work during the day, but I was a little nervous about trusting a dog-walking service. However, Eric and Noel put me at ease the moment we met them. We have been getting daily, weekday walks from PPPC for a few months now. I am honestly blown away every day by how attentive, capable, and just plain caring these guys are! With Pet Check Technology, you get an email when the walker arrives and when they leave, with a note, pictures, a map of where they went, and whether your pet did #1 and #2. They will let you know what your dog’s poop is like, if that’s something you’re worried about, haha.

They truly prioritize Bailey’s needs and are in constant communication with me about how she’s doing, special considerations for that day, etc. I have been working on basic obedience with Bailey and this is also something they take into account, helping implement the same things I am doing with her. This may seem corny, but I think they truly live up to their motto- “where pets are family.” Whenever I am worried about something regarding Bailey or my home (the electricity has been out, I’m waiting on a package, etc.) during the day, I know they’ll be there and can let me know what’s going on. We love PPPC!!!

Nicole Z. from Crystal Lake, IL said:

I had recently moved to Crystal Lake, IL and found out about PPPC via an internet search. Man, was I lucky to have chosen them over any other local pet-care business! It’s kind of hard NOT to consider Prairie Path Pet Care part of your own family. The service, but more importantly, the love and care that PPPC provides for their clients’ pets is simply invaluable. Regardless, often times I find myself feeling bad they don’t charge MORE than what I already pay them, and I believe that alone says a lot! We receive daily, weekday walks from Eric and Noel, and they truly go above and beyond to put my dog Bailey’s needs first. They are in constant communication with me about how Bailey is doing and any special considerations for that day. I can tell that they always read my appointment notes carefully, based on how they respond. They give her a little extra time during her appointments here and there, when they can. I recently took Bailey through a basic obedience class, and Eric and Noel take into consideration and help implement the same things I work on with Bailey while walking on her leash. Additionally, they are just SO friendly and are always able to accommodate our needs. Scheduling is a breeze. If I’m away on a trip they will say things like, “hope you had a good time,” and “I will be on call if anything comes up or you have trouble getting back.”

An example of a recent experience, illustrating the awesome-ness of PPPC:

Bailey had been having a problem with loose stools/diarrhea. Noel would let me know when there was an “issue” during her walk/visit, and gently voiced her concern. On the day we went to the vet Noel asked me to let her know how it went afterwards. I had also sent Eric an email explaining the situation to make sure he was “in the loop.” Minutes later he gave me a call to talk through and make sure everything was okay. As a newer dog owner I appreciate all the advice and help I can get, and PPPC is right there in my arsenal of supportive groups/people that also includes our family, our vet and our training facility. We love PPPC!

Wendy S. from Lombard, IL said:

Prairie path is great! You can tell they genuinely care about the well being of your pets and go above and beyond to care for them and put your mind at ease. They’re very flexible with scheduling, which is awesome. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!

Testimonials from our Park Ridge friends

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Testimonials from our Training Package friends

Jennifer R. from Glen Ellyn, IL said:

I absolutely recommend Prairie Path Pet Care. They have been fabulous with my dog. Ive used their dog walking service for almost a year and it has been reliable and happy experience. I’ve also recently worked with Sara, their recommended dog trainer, and she works miracles. My dog was out of control on a leash and after a week with Sara she was heeling on command… A miracle!

Laura M. from Geneva, IL said:

Best dog training and walking! Our German Shepherd loves his walker and has been able to showcase his full potential for training both on and off leash thanks to his wonderful trainer, Sara! The whole Prairie Path team from their management to their dog walkers are fantastic! They care so much about the animals and their clients. Couldn’t be happier.

Laurie G. from Winfield, IL said:

I cannot say enough great things about the great staff and service that I received for my golden doodle puppy. I always had peace of mind when I received an email notifying me that she had been out for her lunch time walk. I love the photos the walker sends with their email to show me how she is doing. Sarah did a great job training her – she worked with her 3 afternoons a week for basic training as well as leash training and getting her to a “place”. She is amazing and my puppy responded so well to Sarah. I can tell that she really enjoys her job and working with dogs!!

Patti W. M. from Park Ridge, IL said:

We are presently using Tilman’s services for training our dog Diamond We are only on lesson two and have already seen many positive changes. If I could give ten stars, I would. He is an awesome trainer and truly knows his stuff. Thank you again!

Testimonials from our Schaumburg friends

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Testimonials from our Geneva friends

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