Back To School Time!

Time to get back into the swing of things with your pets ‘bark’ to school schedule. Here are some tips to get all the kids (specifically your fury ones) ready!

Back To School Shopping

Back to school time, means fun school supplies! Those must have adorable animal print folders and items like glue sticks, pencils and magic markers. These items are considered “low toxicity” to pets and children. This means they’re unlikely to cause serious problems unless large amounts are ingested. However, since gastrointestinal upset and blockages certainly are possible, be sure your children keep their school supplies out of paw’s reach and younger siblings.

Get Going Early

As you change up your routine, build in an extra half hour of the morning time with your pet before everyone leaves for the day. During this time, provide plenty of exercise before leaving your dog alone to prevent any unwanted behaviors. More often than not, a tired dog is a good dog.

Keep Treats Handy

Encourage your pets to entertain themselves while they’re alone with high-value treats, like a toy that dispenses treats or a long-lasting chew. You can also stuff toys like a Kong with a variety of healthy snacks like apples, bananas or carrots, to keep them busy. Healthy, pet safe treats are always the best option. Carrots are not only a bunny’s favorite treat but also great to have for dogs eyesight! Try a puzzle toy to stimulate their minds, get them moving and help stave off any excess weight. From plush toys to more sturdy plastic puzzles and options with balls, you’ll be sure to find something to help occupy your pup’s time.

Put the Radio on Low

During the summer the house is full of sounds: the kids romping around, the tv running and music streaming from the stereo. When the kids go back to school many of these sounds will suddenly be cut off for the majority of the day. If your home will go from full of activity to quiet and empty, consider leaving the radio on for your pets. It can be playing the sound of voices talking or singing, or any sound in general will be able to comfort both dogs and cats until the family returns home.

Fill those longer hours with a friend

Your pet who has been used to your presence all day long are now spending long hours alone. This may bring on depression for your pet and/or destructive behavior. This is the time to think about a new routine pet sitting service to burn off excess energy that they are not getting now that they are alone. Pets in “back-to-school” households reportedly receive less exercise than they enjoyed during the summer months – which can exacerbate the stress associated with this time of year. For puppies and elderly pets, they will need that middle of the day potty break. If you do have an elderly pet, getting them up and moving around can help with their circulatory system and help with arthritis. For all other pets, just the visit itself can bring on companionship and attention that will be much needed.