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Pet Pro Facts

Dogs have about 10 vocal sounds.

dog with party hat

6 Tips To Planning The Perfect Pet Party

We all love a good party. So much that we search for the perfect excuse to hold one. From gender reveal to Super Bowl parties. Why not celebrate your dog. It’s the perfect reason to have a fun filled day with excitement and drool. You know it’s a genius idea, from their birth date to their gotcha day it’s the best idea for 2017 to host a dog party.

cat licking

4 Ways To Control Cat Shedding

Shedding from any pet can be a nuisance! It can leave a mess on your furniture, clothes, and throughout your entire home. It also can contribute to hairball issues that can lead to serious health problems for your pet.

service dog

To Pet Or Not To Pet A Service Dog?

With Summer just about in full swing, so are the festival and family outings. Yet, have you ever encountered a working service dog while out before? Have you ever tried to pet a dog and the owners tell you not to and you didn’t understand why? We’re here to help educate everyone about the jobs these special dogs have and why it’s best to leave them be and let them do their job.

dog with ball

5 Top Summer Sports For Pets

Keeping them busy isn’t that hard to do, IF your looking to get a little creative. Do you have a dog that really needs to be kept busy? Not only physically, but also mentally stimulated and you’re looking for ideas, we have put together our Top 5 Summer semi unusual sports for you to try.

Saving money with a Pet

Top 6 Ways To Save With A Pet

It’s our life long goal as a pet owner to want to provide only the best for our furry family members. Right? Sure you do. But that happiness comes at a pretty high cost. I bet you would love ways to cut costs and keep the happiness high within your home. To save you time we’ve compile six ways to save at home that you won’t want to miss!