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Pet Pro Facts

Many hamsters only blink one eye at a time.

Dog with spotted tongue

Why are there black spots on my dogs tongue?

Does it mean my dog is part chow? Nope, well maybe. Where it is true that one of the most well known traits of a chow is black spots on the tongue, it isn’t only specific to chows. It could be one of 38 different breeds actually. Have you ever seen a beautiful golden puppy, like the one above with black spots on its tongue? Well we’re here to tell you what those spots really are and why they’re there.

healthy food options

What’s in your dogs food?

Have you ever gone down the dog food aisle and feel lost? Did you just end up picking out the best looking packaging that was within your price range and called it a day? Now, have you ever gone to the store and read the different labels to figure out what would be good for them? If not, it’s time to start. We’re here to make buying the right dog food for them, simpler. 

cat lounging in home

Preparing for the holidays

Going out of town can be a nerve wrecking feeling, both for you and your pet. Trying to travel when you have a pet can create stressors, if not properly planned. In home sitting is the best option to reduce the amount of stress on your furry family member. Allowing them to remain at home …

holding a cat for a nail trim

5 Tips To Make Nail Trims Easy

If there is one thing we couldn’t stand ourselves, it’s trimming a pet’s nails. You know it has to be done, they know it will be happening again. Hopefully these next few tips you from dreading nail trim time.