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Pet Pro Facts

Dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, the only way they can discharge heat is by panting.

cat lounging in home

Preparing for the holidays

Going out of town can be a nerve wrecking feeling, both for you and your pet. Trying to travel when you have a pet can create stressors, if not properly planned. In home sitting is the best option to reduce the amount of stress on your furry family member. Allowing them to remain at home …

holding a cat for a nail trim

5 Tips To Make Nail Trims Easy

If there is one thing we couldn’t stand ourselves, it’s trimming a pet’s nails. You know it has to be done, they know it will be happening again. Hopefully these next few tips you from dreading nail trim time.

People shouldn't do dog things

Things People Shouldn’t Do That Dogs Do

Whether you own a dog or not, this video is hilarious and really gets us thinking about what we tolerate pets doing, that we wouldn’t see fit to do ourselves. Being such a huge part of the pet world here, there are a few things from the video we find more tolerable than others.

3 Tips to Training Your New Puppy

3 Tips to Training Your New Puppy

From the moment you set your eyes on those tiny puppy feet and the fresh smell of puppy breathe, you knew it was love at first sight. Yet, we all know play biting and “accidents” are not too far behind. Just like with children, it’s important that puppies have numerous amounts of positive experiences during their formative years. Which makes this the ideal time to start teaching your new pup some life skills.