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Pet Pro Facts

The Beatles song “A day in the life” has an extra high pitched whistle, audible only to dogs.

People shouldn't do dog things

Things People Shouldn’t Do That Dogs Do

Whether you own a dog or not, this video is hilarious and really gets us thinking about what we tolerate pets doing, that we wouldn’t see fit to do ourselves. Being such a huge part of the pet world here, there are a few things from the video we find more tolerable than others.

3 Tips to Training Your New Puppy

3 Tips to Training Your New Puppy

From the moment you set your eyes on those tiny puppy feet and the fresh smell of puppy breathe, you knew it was love at first sight. Yet, we all know play biting and “accidents” are not too far behind. Just like with children, it’s important that puppies have numerous amounts of positive experiences during their formative years. Which makes this the ideal time to start teaching your new pup some life skills.

Dog on the beach for a weekend pet friendly getaway

Top Pet Friendly Hot Spot Getaways

Plan your pet friendly hot spot now with the beautiful Summer weather in full swing, we are all beginning to get the itch to travel. Finding a place where Fido or your purrfect kitty can go is always easy though.  We’ve compiled a great weekend getaway list that you and your pets will truly love. From a stay-cation in Illinois or a quick trip to Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan or Missouri we got you locally covered for a weekend of fun. 


Golden retriever dog presents engagement ring on nose for spring love

Including your pet in the ‘I do’s’

Including your pets in the I “Do’s”. All of us have a special furry companion in our lives and many of us are lucky enough to have a special someone else in our lives too. You may have possibly got your pet together or you are joining two families. Now you are ready to take that next step with regards to your future.  Don’t let your pet miss out on being a part of your happily ever after.


Picture of smiling German Shepherd. Text reads, thank you professional pet sitters!

It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week!

A huge Thank You to … Our walkers!  We are so excited for this week, not only because we love what we do, but we wanted to show off the people that truly make a difference in each of your pet’s lives. What better way to celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week (3/6 – 3/12) than with back stories of the one’s that care for your pets.  

Check it out, you may even see your walker here.