Can We See Some I.D.?

Make sure your pet is properly tagged before the 4th.

You’ve probably already seen several articles by now about pet safety during the 4th of July holiday and rightfully so! It’s important to take extra measures during those loud holidays so your pet can feel safe and stress free inside their own home.

Rather than focusing on several measures you can take, we wanted to focus on one that we find very important to us and to our business – PROPER IDENTIFICATION.

Those fireworks we will undoubtedly be hearing all week, and at odd hours, can possibly put your pet into a panic and cause them to desperately look for escape. Here is how you can be ready:

1) Take caution opening doors to avoid them making a run for it.
2) Double check and make sure their tags are on, up-to-date and secure . If your pet manages to get loose and become lost, proper identification will make a challenging situation a little easier.
3) Consider microchip identification and/or ID tags with their name and your phone number (or both!).
4) Take a moment to snap a picture of your pet in case you have to put up signs. A most recent picture always helps!
5) Make Prairie Path a part of your back-up plan and make sure your tag number or microchip number is in your pets account and is up-to-date.  If your pet gets loose, you might not have time to find the tag number or microchip number. Having it in your account means we can access it for you or you can easily log-in and find under their profile. That’s far better than digging through your filing cabinets.
BONUS: we have a team of walkers who can likely help search around town as well!