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Pet Care

cat lounging in home

Preparing for the holidays

Going out of town can be a nerve wrecking feeling, both for you and your pet. Trying to travel when you have a pet can create stressors, if not properly planned. In home sitting is the best option to reduce the amount of stress on your furry family member. Allowing them to remain at home …

Fruits and Veggies for pets

Fruits and Veggies for All!

Happy National Fruits and Veggies month! What better way to celebrate than with your best friends. We all know that when snack time comes around, so do the pitter patter of little feet by your side. They sit there with their big puppy eyes, just wanting a small nibble or your treat…

Photo of a hamster in hearts. Best Valentines date

7 Reasons Your Pet is the Best Valentine Date

As Valentine’s Day approaches you could be thinking a couple of things. Maybe you’re constantly daydreaming about the perfect card, too-hot cinnamon hearts and the various secret admirers you are sure to have doting on you this year.

Photo of a dog holding a champagne glass for the new year.

New Year, New You!

Shiny, glossy strands always grabs the eye and makes everyone feel like a million bucks, but it does take some time and energy. With so many different coat types and maintenance requirements, it might be a good time to hit the doggie spa!