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Pet Pro Facts

Dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, the only way they can discharge heat is by panting.

Nicole Z. from Crystal Lake, IL said:

These guys seriously, seriously rock. I recently moved to Crystal Lake with my Aussie mix, Bailey, who I had also recently adopted. Bailey is high-energy and has a bit of anxiety. I was in need of someone to check on her/take her out while I’m at work during the day, but I was a little nervous about trusting a dog-walking service. However, Eric and Noel put me at ease the moment we met them. We have been getting daily, weekday walks from PPPC for a few months now. I am honestly blown away every day by how attentive, capable, and just plain caring these guys are! With Pet Check Technology, you get an email when the walker arrives and when they leave, with a note, pictures, a map of where they went, and whether your pet did #1 and #2. They will let you know what your dog’s poop is like, if that’s something you’re worried about, haha.

They truly prioritize Bailey’s needs and are in constant communication with me about how she’s doing, special considerations for that day, etc. I have been working on basic obedience with Bailey and this is also something they take into account, helping implement the same things I am doing with her. This may seem corny, but I think they truly live up to their motto- “where pets are family.” Whenever I am worried about something regarding Bailey or my home (the electricity has been out, I’m waiting on a package, etc.) during the day, I know they’ll be there and can let me know what’s going on. We love PPPC!!!

Elizabeth H. from Winfield, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care is an awesome company that really puts your pets’ needs first. Everyone is so friendly and you can tell how much the employees truly enjoy caring for animals. Scheduling is super easy and they are very accommodating with last minute appointments or changes! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for trustworthy and responsible pet care!

Wendy S. from Lombard, IL said:

Prairie path is great! You can tell they genuinely care about the well being of your pets and go above and beyond to care for them and put your mind at ease. They’re very flexible with scheduling, which is awesome. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!

Brian C. from Naperville, IL said:

Great service and price. Love that you get an email notification/update when your dog is out for their walk. Would definitely recommend!

Nicole Z. from Crystal Lake, IL said:

I had recently moved to Crystal Lake, IL and found out about PPPC via an internet search. Man, was I lucky to have chosen them over any other local pet-care business! It’s kind of hard NOT to consider Prairie Path Pet Care part of your own family. The service, but more importantly, the love and care that PPPC provides for their clients’ pets is simply invaluable. Regardless, often times I find myself feeling bad they don’t charge MORE than what I already pay them, and I believe that alone says a lot! We receive daily, weekday walks from Eric and Noel, and they truly go above and beyond to put my dog Bailey’s needs first. They are in constant communication with me about how Bailey is doing and any special considerations for that day. I can tell that they always read my appointment notes carefully, based on how they respond. They give her a little extra time during her appointments here and there, when they can. I recently took Bailey through a basic obedience class, and Eric and Noel take into consideration and help implement the same things I work on with Bailey while walking on her leash. Additionally, they are just SO friendly and are always able to accommodate our needs. Scheduling is a breeze. If I’m away on a trip they will say things like, “hope you had a good time,” and “I will be on call if anything comes up or you have trouble getting back.”

An example of a recent experience, illustrating the awesome-ness of PPPC:

Bailey had been having a problem with loose stools/diarrhea. Noel would let me know when there was an “issue” during her walk/visit, and gently voiced her concern. On the day we went to the vet Noel asked me to let her know how it went afterwards. I had also sent Eric an email explaining the situation to make sure he was “in the loop.” Minutes later he gave me a call to talk through and make sure everything was okay. As a newer dog owner I appreciate all the advice and help I can get, and PPPC is right there in my arsenal of supportive groups/people that also includes our family, our vet and our training facility. We love PPPC!

Marlene V. from Cary, IL said:

I have two Chihuahua’s which are both rescue dogs. One of them is only 4lbs and the other one is also tiny. Both are very afraid of people and won’t go by anyone but Eric from Prairie Path. Eric comes in to let them out and things have totally turned around. He is wonderful with them and they are so happy and comfortable with him, something I never thought possible. I can’t say enough about this service. They go way above expectations to make my animals content. I could never thank them enough for taking that kind of time. Anyone that can start up a business and run it as smooth and caring as Prairie Path Pet Care has done, I would refer to everyone without hesitation.

Liz H from Lake in the Hills, IL said:

Prairie Path Pet Care has outstanding customer service, professionalism, and technological innovation. I did extensive research into companies before choosing PPPC and no other companies matched their concern for my dog’s well being. Prior to the walking services beginning, I completed a packet for them to know how to best service my animal and it was apparent on our very first meeting that they had genuinely reviewed the information I provided and cared to exceed all of my expectations. Each visit they provide me with a detailed, personal description of the time they spent with my animal, showing that they truly care about her and her well-being. All of this coupled with the technology for notifying me when they enter and exit my home as well as the location they take my dog for her walks makes their business markedly superior to other dog walking/sitting services.