Our COVID-19 Response

Dear Prairie Path Family,

We care about you and your pets’ well-being and want you to be aware that we are following closely the current situation regarding COVID-19. Secondly, we care about the health of our walkers and are thankful for the health of our company and plan to continue the great care to all of our clients and pets throughout these uncertain times.

The safety and health of both you, our clients, and our employees, is our highest priority. It is imperative to share with you the extra precautions we’ve taken with our staff to minimize everyones exposure and risk.

Currently, all staff have been advised of the following:

  • Wash hands before and after each visit
  • Sanitize often or consider wearing protective latex gloves during all visits
  • Avoid close person-to-person interaction
  • Communicate with their manager any potential symptoms or potential exposure

We are also so very happy to care for all our elderly clients and wish to be able to continue to assist them with their pets as things progress. We’d like to do all that we can to decrease everyone’s risk. We are all a family. Let’s do this together and help each other out.

To get through this, we need your help!!! Here are some ways you can best help our staff stay stable and healthy:

• Regularly sanitize areas of your home in which we work: door knobs, leashes, sink handles, etc.

• Keep soap readily available near sinks and sanitizing wipes near entryways

• Help us make necessary adjustments and limit the exposure:

— If you are staying at home due to work place changes, child care arrangements or are sick but can care for your pet, please notify us ASAP to let us know and we will gladly, and understandingly, cancel at no charge.

— If you are sick but still require a walk, consider letting the dog out and setting the leash outside (should you have a fenced yard!). If that is not an option, we ask that you distance yourself or allow someone else to greet us at the door with the dog leashed and ready to go for their walk.

(REMINDER: you can always leave a direct note to your walker via your account, for any visit, should you need to communicate any care instructions.)

• For our hard working staff:

— Please consider continuing visits, or as many as feasible. If you must cancel, please consider paying for the walker portion of the visit ($10). We understand household budget considerations come into play here. If you are able, our walkers will be highly appreciative! Do it for your dog too, they thrive on routine (and will miss their time with their walker).

— If canceling visits is in your family’s best interest, we COMPLETELY understand. If you feel they deserve it, please consider leaving a tip for your walker(s) since without them we could no longer provide the service you expect and rely upon from Prairie Path.

At this point it is uncertain how our business will be impacted. We are committed to do all that we can to continue to keep our walkers healthy and employed and without negative impact to you! It’s our plan to keep our team intact so that we may be able to continue to provide the same great service and care during and far beyond the pandemic.

As always, please let us know if you have any question or concerns.  Finally, thank you for choosing us and always sticking with us. The love already displayed to our staff is humbling and encouraging. Thank you. We will get through this, together.