The dog is in the wedding tomorrow...and it just got skunked!

Back in July we asked our Prairie Path family to share their #skunked stories; their tips, tricks and the nightmares those stinkers can cause. Below is our favorite from Cathy at our Park Ridge Location. Thanks for sharing, Cathy. What a story!

Cathy writes:
It was the night before my daughter’s wedding. We came home from the rehearsal dinner (let me preface this by saying we have a lot of skunks around my house.) Everyone has been trained to take the flashlight and walk the perimeter of the yard before letting any dog out of the house. Well I guess my daughter was thinking of her wedding day and let Oliver out. He sees a skunk and races toward him and yes he got skunked and will be at the reception cocktail hour the next day! At 11 pm, we have to start the ‘deskunking’ process. We love the product ‘Skunk Out’ by ‘Nature’s Miracle.’ I always keep a bottle on my basement stairs, just in case. There is a solution you can mix, but this is fast and quick. After we both stop crying, because we can’t believe this happened TONIGHT, I immediately squeeze the entire bottle on him. It has something in it that de-activates the skunk oil. We leave it on 5 minutes as the manufacturer’s suggests. After, we bathe him and then put him in the basement bathroom. Well, Oliver is very spoiled, he always sleeps with my daughter every night. She cannot fall asleep because she hears him, so we move her bridal gown out of the bedroom and up comes Oliver to sleep with her.

The day of the wedding, the dog sitter worked on his face (still smelled) and by the time of the reception, he had his ‘tails’ on and was ready!