Flying, talking, bundles of cute.

From visits to cage cleaning and a bird taxi service, we’re able to care for your feathered best friends just as well as your four-legged ones.

Our Bird Sitting services are available from $16.50 per visit.

Pet Pro Facts

An adult cat can run about 12 miles per hour, and can sprint at nearly thirty miles per hour.

We’ll make sure they’re squawking happy when you walk in the door – we will give them fresh food, clean water, and even clean their cages!

And don’t forget our bird taxi service; we’ll bring your bird wherever he can’t fly himself.

  • Cage cleaning can be a dirty job – why not let us do it for you?
  • We can pick up and drop off your bird at any location in our service area.
  • Birds get lonely during the day, too – we can make sure they get love.

Focus on the Fun Parts of Having A Feathered Best Friend.

Cage cleaning, taking your bird to the veterinarian, and stopping home on your lunch break can all be a huge pain in the beak. Let us take care of those things for you!

Illustration of a bird

Bird Sitting Services

  • Bird Sitting, $16.50/day
  • Cage Cleaning, Call for pricing.
  • Bird Taxi, $25 per hour + .54 cents per mile
Illustration of a dog paw in a heart

Additional Services

  • Last Minute Booking, $5
  • Night/Weekend Charge (walks scheduled outside of regular business hours M-F, 8am - 6pm), $5
  • Holiday Charge, $10
  • Late Payment Fee, $15