Your companion deserves the best.

Dog walking is by far our most popular service, offering pets the regular exercise they need allowing you to come home to a more relaxed, happier, and healthier dog. The best part is, you won’t come home to any surprise messes!

Our Dog walking and Sitting Services are available from $14.50 per visit.

Pet Pro Facts

Contrary to popular belief, dogs aren’t color blind; they can see shades of blue, yellow, green and gray. The color red registers on a grayscale in a dog’s vision.

A few reasons to trust us with caring for your dog:

  • Track your Dog along the Walk and Back
  • Know your Dog is getting the Best Love and Attention
  • Come Home to a Healthier, Happier Dog

Just 20-25 Minutes of Walking a Day can Lengthen and Improve your Dog’s Quality of Life Significantly.

Regular walking has shown to decrease anxiety and stress, strengthen muscles and bones, increase cardiovascular fitness, and lower blood pressure – in dogs (and in humans!)

Illustration of a dog

Dog Walking Services

  • 10+ Walks/Week, $14.50/Walk
  • 4-9 Walks/Week, $16.50/Walk
  • 1-3 Walks/Week, $18.50/Walk
  • Dog Sitting, $18.50/visit for 1-2/day OR $16.50/visit for 3+ visits/day. Call for availability.
  • Dog Running, Call for availability and pricing.
  • Dog Taxi per Hour, $25 + .54 cents per mile
  • Wedding Day Service, Call for availability and pricing.
Illustration of a dog paw in a heart

Additional Services

  • Last Minute Booking, $5
  • Holiday Charge, $10
  • Late Payment Fee, $15