Mr. Bubbles likes his water salty.

Fish need attention, too. While you may think that fish don’t need a pet sitter, if you’re busy it might be just what you need to feel like a responsible pet owner.

Pet Pro Facts

To survive, every bird must eat at least half its own weight in food each day.

We can make sure your fish are fed on time on a daily basis, clean their tanks, and make sure their water is the appropriate salinity (if appropriate) and temperature.

  • Fish can be hard to transport, but we’re pros!
  • Even fish can benefit from daily attention to their tanks.
  • We love finned friends just as much!

A Clean Tank Helps Ensure a Happy Fish.

Yes, fish can get depressed. But making sure they are regularly fed and kept in a clean, healthy environment will help ensure they stay happy and love being in their tanks instead of wanting to escape, Finding Nemo style!

Illustration of a fish

Fish Sitting Services

  • Fish Sitting, $20/visit
Illustration of a dog paw in a heart

Additional Services

  • Last Minute Booking, $5
  • Holiday Charge, $10
  • Late Payment Fee, $15