Mr. Bubbles likes his water salty.

Fish need attention, too. While you may think that fish don’t need a pet sitter, if you’re busy it might be just what you need to feel like a responsible pet owner.

Pet Pro Facts

Contrary to popular belief, dogs aren’t color blind; they can see shades of blue, yellow, green and gray. The color red registers on a grayscale in a dog’s vision.

We can make sure your fish are fed on time on a daily basis, clean their tanks, and make sure their water is the appropriate salinity (if appropriate) and temperature.

  • Fish can be hard to transport, but we’re pros!
  • Even fish can benefit from daily attention to their tanks.
  • We love finned friends just as much!

A Clean Tank Helps Ensure a Happy Fish.

Yes, fish can get depressed. But making sure they are regularly fed and kept in a clean, healthy environment will help ensure they stay happy and love being in their tanks instead of wanting to escape, Finding Nemo style!

Illustration of a fish

Fish Sitting Services

  • Fish Sitting, $20/visit
Illustration of a dog paw in a heart

Additional Services

  • Last Minute Booking, $5
  • Holiday Charge, $10
  • Late Payment Fee, $15