Santa's Little Helper

Congratulations Cooper. You will be missed!

In January Prairie Path lost a member of the family and gained another cutest pet contest winner. We couldn’t of planned it better ourselves but we love that Cooper snagged cutest pet in December before he left, and rightfully so! We’re sad to see him go but know that’s it’s even harder for his owners. We will all miss him dearly.

Pet Pro Facts

The Beatles song “A day in the life” has an extra high pitched whistle, audible only to dogs.

Here is what his walker Elizabeth had to say about Coop:

Cooper had a heart of gold and a way about him that made everyone he met smile. You couldn’t help but want to come over and pet him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way! He was a working therapy dog with his mom, ALex, and loved being around people and making the happy. He was always surprising me with his fashionable bow ties when I’d come by to walk him, and he never met a trash can that he couldn’t break into, despite the various barricades his mom used! I had lots of fun memories with Coop-a-loop! A truly sweet and loving boy.