A classic beauty in the flesh.

Congratulations Penny!

Your classic beauty had our voters in a trance. You were the perfect choice for this month’s contest!

Pet Pro Facts

Frito feet’ is the name of the phenomenon in which the bacteria on a dog’s feet which causes them to smell like corn chips. Basically it’s dog B.O.

Here is what her walker Elizabeth had to say about Penny:


Every day that I get to visit with Penny brings countless smiles and plenty of laughter! Penny is an unabashedly happy and sweet pup and she never fails to give me a greeting that melts my heart. She is the perfect combination of silly and sweet! On our walks, she likes to occasionally look back at me and give me a smile, kind of like saying, “Hey! This is awesome!” If I’m ever having a bit of a down day, all I need is a few minutes with Penny and my day instantly gets better!