A classic beauty in the flesh.

Congratulations Penny!

Your classic beauty had our voters in a trance. You were the perfect choice¬†for this month’s contest!

Pet Pro Facts

The Beatles song “A day in the life” has an extra high pitched whistle, audible only to dogs.

Here is what her walker Elizabeth had to say about Penny:


Every day that I get to visit with Penny brings countless smiles and plenty of laughter! Penny is an unabashedly happy and sweet pup and she never fails to give me a greeting that melts my heart. She is the perfect combination of silly and sweet! On our walks, she likes to occasionally look back at me and give me a smile, kind of like saying, “Hey! This is awesome!” If I’m ever having a bit of a down day, all I need is a few minutes with Penny and my day instantly gets better!