Adam B.

WalkerPhoto of dog walker Adam B

You'll find Adam B. at: Wheaton

Adam has loved dogs for his entire life. Favorite movies as a kid? 101 Dalmatians and Homeward Bound. From an early age his family has had viszlas (and one rescued viszla mystery mix, named Linus) and they showed him the responsibilities and rewards of true canine companionship. He currently has two, named Maybelle and Ozzie (after St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame short stop Ozzie Smith) who are a source of joy and entertainment for him each and every day. His only pets have been dogs, but he loves and cares for all animals. He has a mild cat allergy and so has never had a cat but wishes he could.

Adam has lived in DuPage County for more or less his entire life, except for the few years when he attended Cornell College in Iowa where, he was a Spanish major. ¡Los perros son buenos! After school he returned to Glen Ellyn and worked at a bicycle retailer in Naperville for several years.

He recently decided that dealing with adorable dogs all day every day was better than the old sales grind, and has not looked back. He’s thrilled to be working for Prairie Path Pet Care and having fun with his new puppy pals every day!