Christienne “Tienne” R.

WalkerPhoto of Chistienne R, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Christienne “Tienne” R. at: Wheaton

Started at Prairie Path: March 2014

Why did you want to work with animals? I needed a place to share my love for animals of course! Big, small, or in between, there is no fur kiddo that can’t find a safe place in my heart! I also love kiddos without a full set of fur like reptiles, amphibians, fish… even humans : )

Did you grow up with pets or have pets of your own? My first pet was a rescue dog named Gypsy, followed shortly by rescues named Morgan and Breezy. My house has always been a safe haven for unwanted or abandoned pets. This has included; 2 birds, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 fish and a hedgehog! There is no chance that I could pick a favorite. I love rescuing the misfits and left outs and am grateful every day to be fortunate enough to do so. I currently live with a malamute named Maya (a.k.a. Foxenwolf). We live by the same motto: “Just wooo it!”

Where did you grow up?  I was born and raised in Wheaton, IL and grew up in San Francisco

When you aren’t caring for pets, what can we find you doing? I am studying and working in the veterinary field or rolling around with any animal in a field.

What is a hidden talent of yours? I have a talent that is a passion (border line an obsession) that leads me to end most of my sentences in “lol.” LOL.