Christienne R.

Dog Walker Photo of Chistienne R, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Christienne R. at: Wheaton

Christienne “Tienne” has loved animals of every kind since early childhood.  Her first pet was a rescue dog named Gypsy, followed shortly by rescues named Morgan and Breezy. Her house has always been a safe haven for unwanted or abandoned pets. At most, her safe haven included; 2 birds, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 fish and a hedgehog!

After graduating from San Francisco State University and working as a retail manager for an international company, she wisely decided that the corporate world didn’t have what she was looking for, namely an outlet to share her passion for animals. She is so happy to work with PPPC and cannot believe her luck in finding a profession that she loves. A place she can share her love, big, small, or in between, there’s no animal that can’t find a safe place in her heart!

Christienne is certified in the Basics of Dog-Human Behavior