David M.


You'll find David M. at: Wheaton

Started at Prairie Path: September 2019

Why did you want to work with animals? Pets are non-judgmental and offer unconditional love – hard qualities to find today!

Did you grow up with pets or have pets of your own? My first dog was a beagle who I named Scooby-Do. My favorite dog was Charlie. As a child I took photos of Charlie on skateboards and in a baby stroller. Poor Charlie! My favorite cat was an orange tabby named Oliver.

Where did you grow up? Wheaton, IL

When you aren’t caring for pets, what can we find you doing? I also work as an Old Testament professor. When I am not working, I like to spend time with family (almost always including our dog Paddington), play Pokemon Go (daughter got me hooked), watch Bears football and read Hebrew texts.

What is a hidden talent of yours? I make my own Kombucha tea. I also make beat-box sounds to make my grandson laugh.