Ilse L.


You'll find Ilse L. at: Park Ridge

Started at Prairie Path: January 2020

Why did you want to work with animals?I wanted to work with animals because I’ve had a variety of different pets. None of them were ever seen as just pets, I loved and cared for all of them with every ounce of myself. I know I have what it takes to care for animals and I’m good at it. They deserve someone who will love them and take care of them to make sure they’re always okay and out of harms way!

Did you grow up with pets or have pets of your own?I grew up with a lot of pets. I had 8 Guinea pigs at one point! Lots of fish, two bearded dragons, three parrots and one dog. My favorite animal by far is my dog King. He helps me in everyday life!

Where did you grow up? McHenry, IL

When you aren’t caring for pets, what can we find you doing? I just signed up to go back to school in September, for massage therapy! On my off time I like to go to the gym and box!

What is a hidden talent of yours? I sing. I used to be in choir when I was in middle school, we went to state and district 2 years in a row! Unless you knew me in middle school, most people don’t get to see this side of me anymore. I also play the guitar and want to take up the piano.