Jennifer S.

WalkerPhoto of Jennifer S, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Jennifer S. at: Wheaton

Jennifer has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up, her family had many pets including a toy poodle, an adopted stray dog that looked a lot like a Yorkshire Terrier, a guinea pig, a rabbit, hamsters, parakeets and fish.

Jennifer’s passion for animals also includes horses. Since her family wasn’t rich and horses are expensive, Jennifer spent many years volunteering at horse farms in exchange for riding lessons. She has watched a farm for an entire weekend which meant being responsible for 15 horses, 7 dogs, 3 cats, a pot belly pig and a goat!

Currently, Jennifer is an avid rock climber and travels every other weekend to find new rocks. She has two cats that keep her company when she is home – Liddy who was adopted from a local cat shelter and Red who was adopted from the Kentucky wilderness while on a climbing trip.

Jennifer enjoys every minute she gets to spend with animals, and she considers herself lucky to call your pets part of her extended family.