Laura B.

Walker Photo of Laura B, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Laura B. at: Wheaton

Laura has always had much love, respect and compassion for our fellow four-legged companions, as well as all other animals. She has a natural connection with all animals and is comfortable with them no matter their pasts. She grew up with dogs and since early childhood has had the privilege of 4 dogs touching her life: Chester, an English Springer Spaniel; Tracy, a Fox Terrier mix; Samantha, a Black Labrador mix and lastly Tootsie, a Shepherd/Chow mix. Although those dogs were hers, she has had the pleasure knowing and the companionship of many other pets belonging to friends and relatives. Usually upon visiting those friends and relatives, the pets were greeted before the people. After all, pets and especially dogs are top notch greeters always making a big fuss over your appearance.

It is precisely because of a pets’ ability to make one feel welcomed, loved and appreciated that Laura decided to pursue the dog walking and pet sitting profession. After all, there are very few professions where the client is so happy and sometimes ecstatic upon your arrival and throughout their care session. That kind of adoration makes it easy to love and pamper all pets. Laura is thrilled to be part of the Prairie Path team and for the opportunity to pamper your pet!