Lauri B.

Walkerphoto of Lauri a prairie path walker with a dog

You'll find Lauri B. at: Wheaton

Lauri’s love for animals started at a very young age. Her first Pet was a German Shepherd named Rush. She soon added to her family by getting two cats George and Garfield. She has had a lifetime of various pets including fish and a hamster.

When she moved to Chicago later in life Lauri realized some of the strict regulations prevented her from having the pets that she wanted. She started looking for ways that she could give back and take care of animals. Prairie Path Petcare was the answer. She enjoys meeting and taking care of all different types of animals.

Besides having a love for animals, Lauri  is an artist that teaches for Vino Van Gogh and Young Rembrandts. Working with animals and creating art are her two favorite passions.