Matty McNallan

Manager, Crystal Lake

You'll find Matty McNallan at: Crystal Lake

Started at Prairie Path: December 2018

Why did you want to work with animals? I have always had a strong love and passion for animals. I am currently still figuring out the career path that I want, but I know I want to work with animals. So the more time I get to spend with them and enjoy their company the better.

Did you grow up with pets or have pets of your own? I have always been around pets my whole life! My first dog, Doogle, is a Jack Russell Terrier. I also have a Coton de Tulear. I also used to have guinea pigs, hamsters, a rabbit, fish, and a cat. Animals have been a huge part of my life!

Where did you grow up? Oak Park, IL

When you aren’t caring for pets, what can we find you doing? When I am not walking dogs, I am hiking, camping, gathered around bonfires with friends and swimming. Almost anything outdoors is where you will find me.

What is a hidden talent of yours? My hidden talent is that I am an avid snowboarder.