McKenzie Hartley


You'll find McKenzie Hartley at: Nashville

McKenzie was born and raised in Nashville but recently moved to a small town right outside of Nashville called Joelton. She grew up with a huge yard and creek in the back which developed her LOVE for the outdoors. Her first dog was named Sadie. Sadie was rescued and brought home by her parents around the same time she was born and grew up together. The both of them grew a special bond biking around the lake at the end of her childhood road and ran next to McKenzie until she could no longer walk. She was not allowed inside and was very afraid of storms. Sadie lived up until we were both 13 and she is where McKenzie’s love of dogs began!

Over the years McKenzie has owned and loved multiple dogs and cats, some fish, a hedgehog and even rats! Growing up she was always an animal lover, but it was not until a couple years ago that she realized animal care is one of her greatest passions. After getting married and moving to Joelton, McKenzie realized how many dogs need good homes. Her and her husband took in 2 stray dogs within the first couple months of moving there, adopted an 8 year old cat, and still have a 15 year old dog that she’s had since Christmas in 4th grade! As if you can’t already tell her love for animals, McKenzie also lives right next to a dog rescue, has fostered for them and got engaged at the Nashville Humane Association. Are you truly convinced that she is a pet lover yet?!

McKenzie brings a lot of great experience to Prairie Path. Starting as an intern at an insurance agency, she landed a job as a Licensced Agent Assistant at State Farm with a focus was on small businesses. Before that she served as a preschool teacher teaching life skills as well as some of the older middle-school children spanish. McKenzie also continues to tutor part-time as well as being a group fitness instructor at the YMCA.

McKenzie’s other passions include spending time outdoors. She loves a good hike and being able to take in the beautiful scenery of this earth, especially if accompanied by her husband, a good friend or of course one of her many fur babies.  Another passion of hers is traveling and mission work. McKenzie has taken around 15-20 trips (she’s lost count by now) of the country.  She loves getting to know people of other cultures and celebrating our differences. McKenzie is so excited to join the Prairie Path Team because it is something she is truly passionate about.