Melanie B.

Walker Photo of Melani B, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Melanie B. at: Wheaton

Melanie is formally from the Wheaton area and recently moved to the town of Streamwood. Animal lover since childhood, she enjoys the company of her furry companions. Her newest member to her family, is an orange tabby named Riku. If she’s not working the preload shift at Fedex Ground, she’s with her kitten or the family’s lovable Anatolian Shepherd mix, Cooper.

Always wanting to work with animals, Melanie decided to become a dog walker for Prairie Path Pet care. It was the perfect opportunity to get a hands on experience with her favorite furry friends. Hopefully one day she can extend her family, but for now she enjoys spending her days with the dogs she takes care of one day at a time.

Melanie is certified in the Basics of Dog-Human Behavior