Nisa G.


You'll find Nisa G. at: Park Ridge

Started at Prairie Path: January 2019

Why did you want to work with animals? I’ve always loved animals! When I was training to be a camp counselor I saved two baby bats from drowning and I nursed a sick bumblebee for two days. Those were life changing experiences. Since then I’ve found that I can find meaning in life through helping animals (and people too).

Did you grow up with pets or have pets of your own? We’ve always had at least two cats in our home. We currently have three rescues. We have Kiraz, which means “cherry” in Turkish. My dad named her that because she always sleeps in our fruit bowl. Finn, a very loud orange cat who will meow until you pick him up and soothe him like a baby. He loves going out in public inside his little cat-backpack. And Nova, my personal favorite, (don’t tell the others) who is a very round black cat with so much personality that it’s hard to describe her. Her talents include laying in the weirdest positions possible.

Where did you grow up? Chicago!

When you aren’t caring for pets, what can we find you doing?I like finding vegan/vegetarian restaurants that are close to me. Cool food experiences in general always draw me in! I’m 20 but I still love Rainforest Cafe.

What is a hidden talent of yours? I can say the alphabet backwards! And wiggle my ears. And I can make a very convincing seagull noise which will probably come in handy someday if I need to barter with a seagull or something of the sort.