Tom Henaghan

Director of Finance | Branch Manager Photo of Tom H, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Tom Henaghan at: Schaumburg, Wheaton

Tom Henaghan has had a passion for animals since childhood. During Tom’s free time, he enjoys volunteering with his daughter at DuPage County Animal Care & Control (DCACC), a full-service adoption site in Wheaton IL for animals of all kinds. As a volunteer, he walks dogs and gives long overdue attention to some of the sweetest animals he’s ever had the privilege of meeting.

As a veteran of the hospitality business, Tom is all too familiar with spending long hours away from home and his two furry friends. He knows first hand how difficult it can be to juggle work and the day-to-day responsibilities of being a pet owner. When Shawn, his longtime friend and the founder of Prairie ┬áPath Pet Care, approached Tom to help build the foundation of the company, Tom was more than pleased to take part. He looked at this as an opportunity to help others who struggle with managing work and home priorities. Tom coordinates Prairie Path Pet Care’s day to day operations.

Tom is certified in the Basics of Dog-Human Behavior and is Pet CPR and first-aid trained