Wendy S.

Dog Walker Photo of Wendy S, a dog walker in Wheaton, IL

You'll find Wendy S. at: Wheaton

Wendy has been an animal lover ever since she was little, favoring dogs the most. She has lived in Lombard her whole life and has had pets running around the house for he entirety of that time, a Rottweiler/Irish setter mix named Rex and a calico cat named Kitty to name a few. She currently has a spunky terrier mix named Trixie and a very cuddly lab mix named Little Louie, as well as a cockatiel. Her absolute favorite breed of dog which she hopes to own multiple of in the future is the Newfoundland.

Wendy has always wanted to work with animals and is overjoyed to be doing it with the Prairie Path Pet Care team. In the future she hopes to get in the profession of training service dogs. There is nothing that makes her happier than spending time with these four-legged friends and pursuing her passion for animals.

Wendy is certified in the Basics of Dog-Human Behavior and is Pet CPR and first-aid trained