Whitney B.

Dog Walker Photo of dog walker Whitney B

You'll find Whitney B. at: Wheaton

“Whitney, a Glen Ellyn native herself,has been in the business of animal care since childhood days of backyard play. Starting off rescuing birds, bunnies, and bugs alike.

Her first dog was a rescued stray from the street named Chance, and she hasn’t been without a companion since. Whitney has experience with a vast variety of animals, and is no stranger to the creepy crawly critters either.

She currently holds the company of her two best buds, Brussels Griffons, named Ernie and Odie. She also cares for her cat named Kitty, and her newest addition Crested Gecko named Rosie.

Whitney’s diehard love for animals makes her a great asset to our team. There is no pet care challenge she won’t meet.

One of Whitney’s favorite passions and pass times is taking care of her animals, so she feels blessed to be part of a team where this can be her daily job.

In her spare time she enjoys gardening, fishing, and is an avid dancer. She plans to continue her professional dance career this coming summer, between her dog walks that is.”