Our 'Stay-In-Home' Response

Dear Prairie Path Family,

Given the recent announcement that we just received from Governor Pritzker, we wanted to reach out to you about our plan moving forward. The direction we all received to ‘stay-in-home’ will require many of you to take your own action, staying inside, and look out for the safety of yourself and others around you.

We have reviewed the executive order and we are taking the stance (and believe that our clients would stand behind us) that we are still, at this time, an essential service. Because we service those in the medical industry, grocers, the elderly and other essential service businesses, we plan to continue to operate and assist when and where we are needed. We ask that if you are not working for an essential business, or offering support to family and friends who are in need of assistance, that you consider giving our walkers the opportunity to also isolate themselves and/or focus on those who need us at this very moment.

Please also know that we have notified our staff that if they do not feel comfortable taking on an assignment due to their own safety concerns that we support their decision and will work to find other alternatives to service anyone in need of our help. Safety is our number one priority, however, we also are committed to preserving our core principle that we will be there for your pet when you cannot. Plain and simple, if you need us, we will be there for you!  It is the least we can do. Our operating standards still apply and we continue to follow our COVID-19 response.

It’s at times like these where we all rise up together, provide comfort, lend a hand and an ear, be with and support all those we love and who depend on us. How thankful you all must be to have a furry loved one at home who provides unconditional love every single day during this time. If we haven’t seen your pup or feline in the past few weeks, know that we miss them. We find our own comfort knowing that they can give 100% of all the love they also share with us to you right now.

As we continue to follow COVID-19’s progression, we will provide updates about how we will be responding. If there is any change in our governments direction that would prevent us from servicing you, we will notify you ASAP. Thanks for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive. We love you all.


Your Prairie Path Pet Care Team