Alexandra H.

Wheaton, IL

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I moved to Wheaton back in January of 2015 from Charleston, SC. I literally moved in on a Friday and started work on Monday. I did extensive research on the internet regarding pet walking service and I went with Prairie Pet Care. Not only did I base my decision on my web search but the building management also recommended them without even knowing that I decided to go with previously. That just made me happy that I made the right decision.

I love the technology that they use as well. With my previous dog walker, she would leave me handwritten notes about what my dog did. With Prairie Path, I get an email when the check in and an email when they check out with a note of what the dog did. I no longer have to wait until the end of the day! I also like that I can track their walk on the internet with their nifty GPS system.

I once had to book an overnight visit over a long weekend. The dog walker not only took care of my dog but also took out the garbage and stripped the linens from the bed – something that she totally didn’t have to do but it was one less thing I had to deal with after a compressed business trip/

I love this company!! I would love to live a little closer to my job (O’Hare Airport) but because my dog loves his walker and I love this company, I’m staying where I am until my project is done in two years! They are awesome! 2 Paws UP!