Brian K.

Wheaton, IL

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Prairie Path Pet Care has been great!  I got my pup back in June and have been using their service since about August so just over 3 months now.

At first we hired a person from our neighborhood which seemed like a good idea but you do have to factor in the fact that a neighborhood person is just one person.  Prairie Path has back up walkers if something comes up and that is a huge advantage that I didn’t even think about.

At first I thought the daily e-mails were a little much but it is very comforting knowing exactly when your dog gets taken out.  Tom is the manager I believe and he responds to my e-mails and calls right away every time.  He is very professional and friendly.  Trienne walks our dog and she has been so nice and accommodating to our schedule.  I would recommend Prairie Path to anyone!!  Thank you for taking such good care of my dog.