Erin H.

Glen Ellyn, IL

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My dogs are my family, though I admit, they aren’t the easiest kids for a single mom. When I interviewed Tom at Prairie Path I was blown away at how easily my girls got along with him. Now, bear in mind I have bigger dogs. I have a collie/hound mix and an Aussie Cattle dog who both pull like mushers. They can be a little overprotective, a little aggressive and I’ll spare you the story of how one of them headbutted Tom in her excitement and split his lip.

However, the dogs LOVE Tom. Not only does he come in every day to excited pups and wagging tails but he leaves the most awesome detailed emails of their time together and spends a few extra minutes giving treats and pets.

He’s been invaluable with suggestions on how to make caring for two dogs by myself easy and painless with training tips and suggestions and is there at the drop of a hat to get them out if I get stuck.

I cannot stress enough, I could not in any way be any happier that my dogs have a friend in prairie path and in Tom. This is a ridiculously convenient service with the nicest, most dog friendly people I’ve ever dealt with. My only fear is that my girls will go into mourning if we take a vacation and they don’t see Tom for a while.