Heather B.

Lombard, IL

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I used this pet care service for the first time last week, as I went out of town and had nobody to take care of my beloved kitty while I was away. I have never used a service before, and I needed additional things done around my house like feeding my fish, watering my plants, and bringing in my mail–all the stuff a friend would have done to take care of my house.  Shawn totally hooked me up!  Not only did I come back to all three fish and my plants still living, but my cat had been well cared for and made it through my absence just fine. THANK YOU Shawn for taking such good care of my pet AND my home while I was away.  Note: The extra things he did for no charge!  I will definitely be using this service again…it’s a great value, especially considering the peace of mind I received in return.