John A.

Wheaton, IL

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Prairie Path Pet Care is the best. There are a lot of choices in my area and I always use this firm. The team that takes care of my dog really loves what they do and love the animals they walk or take care of. I like how easy it is to schedule a walk and it is really great that I get an email when they arrive and when they leave I get another email with notes about the activities and a map of where they went. They have leveraged technology in a way that enhances their service rather than make it feel like I’m doing something easier for them. Can’t ask for much more with people who love my dog as much as I do taking care of her and I get the tech as a bonus. For me they are number one because of the people and the company behind them. Everyone there seems to care deeply and they all seem to follow the same protocols and procedures. Being a business owner myself, these are key things I look for with any company I give business to.