Kristi K.

Wheaton, IL

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I have been a customer for close to two years now for their dog walking services and their service has been nothing short of spectacular since day one. Their business acumen has been apparent from the start through a very attentive, knowledgeable and responsive approach to client management and the high emphasis placed on pet care and safety. I researched several pet care providers before deciding that PPPC was the ideal fit. What impressed me most was the way that they leverage technology to create transparency into their activities through the online platform. As a pet owner, one of the things I look forward to everyday is the email that notifies me when my dog walk has begun and the follow-up email, with notes, that tells me the outcome of the walk, the duration, and even the route taken. I have no doubts that I am getting the great service that I am paying for with each scheduled walk. My dog Lola is like my child so her safety is number one, and I believe that PPPC takes that responsibility very seriously and values her wellbeing, as well as that of all the other animals they care for each day. I greatly appreciate their business model of assigning a single dog walker to your account so you are not faced with a revolving door of people entering into your home. I continue to highly recommend them to others when asked about dog walkers in the area.