Nicole Z.

Crystal Lake, IL

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I had recently moved to Crystal Lake, IL and found out about PPPC via an internet search. Man, was I lucky to have chosen them over any other local pet-care business! It’s kind of hard NOT to consider Prairie Path Pet Care part of your own family. The service, but more importantly, the love and care that PPPC provides for their clients’ pets is simply invaluable. Regardless, often times I find myself feeling bad they don’t charge MORE than what I already pay them, and I believe that alone says a lot! We receive daily, weekday walks from Eric and Noel, and they truly go above and beyond to put my dog Bailey’s needs first. They are in constant communication with me about how Bailey is doing and any special considerations for that day. I can tell that they always read my appointment notes carefully, based on how they respond. They give her a little extra time during her appointments here and there, when they can. I recently took Bailey through a basic obedience class, and Eric and Noel take into consideration and help implement the same things I work on with Bailey while walking on her leash. Additionally, they are just SO friendly and are always able to accommodate our needs. Scheduling is a breeze. If I’m away on a trip they will say things like, “hope you had a good time,” and “I will be on call if anything comes up or you have trouble getting back.”

An example of a recent experience, illustrating the awesome-ness of PPPC:

Bailey had been having a problem with loose stools/diarrhea. Noel would let me know when there was an “issue” during her walk/visit, and gently voiced her concern. On the day we went to the vet Noel asked me to let her know how it went afterwards. I had also sent Eric an email explaining the situation to make sure he was “in the loop.” Minutes later he gave me a call to talk through and make sure everything was okay. As a newer dog owner I appreciate all the advice and help I can get, and PPPC is right there in my arsenal of supportive groups/people that also includes our family, our vet and our training facility. We love PPPC!