Nicole Z.

Crystal Lake, IL

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These guys seriously, seriously rock. I recently moved to Crystal Lake with my Aussie mix, Bailey, who I had also recently adopted. Bailey is high-energy and has a bit of anxiety. I was in need of someone to check on her/take her out while I’m at work during the day, but I was a little nervous about trusting a dog-walking service. However, Eric and Noel put me at ease the moment we met them. We have been getting daily, weekday walks from PPPC for a few months now. I am honestly blown away every day by how attentive, capable, and just plain caring these guys are! With Pet Check Technology, you get an email when the walker arrives and when they leave, with a note, pictures, a map of where they went, and whether your pet did #1 and #2. They will let you know what your dog’s poop is like, if that’s something you’re worried about, haha.

They truly prioritize Bailey’s needs and are in constant communication with me about how she’s doing, special considerations for that day, etc. I have been working on basic obedience with Bailey and this is also something they take into account, helping implement the same things I am doing with her. This may seem corny, but I think they truly live up to their motto- “where pets are family.” Whenever I am worried about something regarding Bailey or my home (the electricity has been out, I’m waiting on a package, etc.) during the day, I know they’ll be there and can let me know what’s going on. We love PPPC!!!