Get Your Gear Set With Your Pet!

As Summer comes to an end, it’s time to get your last minute traveling plans in order. Family vacations are no longer for humans only. Your big decision comes down to, do you take your pet with or not?

Vote, YES! We always try to if at all possible. Taking your pet along can make the family vacation more fun for everyone. Here is your how-to guide to traveling with your pet.

Whether you’re looking to travel by air or to hit the road, we’ve got some tips to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Prepare In Advance

The health and safety of your pets are the highest concern. It is always best to make sure your pet is up-to-date with all of it’s vaccinations. Bring a copy of them with you just in case, along with proper identification. An updated picture, micro-chip number and a tag on their collar with all of your up-to-date information is a must have on your traveling checklist, along with a sturdy leash and collar. The last thing you want is your furry loved one pulling on the leash and bolting away.

Trial Run

Long trips can be different than quick runs to the store. Keep in mind how your pet usually acts in a car ride. Do they get car sick? Anxious? If so, talk to your local veterinarian on tips and tricks to make it a more comfortable ride. *Tip* Avoid giving food and water 1 – 2 hours before the ride.

Plan For Pit Stops

According to The American Veterinary Medical Association they advise pet owners to make a stop every two to three hours for your pet to use the bathroom, get some exercise and hydrate. The ASPCA suggest to keep a gallon of cold water on hand to ensure your pet stays sufficiently hydrated during the trip. A traveling food and water bowl for rest stops and your hotel are necessary. They come in compact sizes now so you won’t even notice the extra gear in the car.

Don’t Leave Them Alone

If you remember from last month’s newsletter, an 85 degree day in a car, even with the windows cracked, can reach up to 110 degrees within 10 minutes. At 110 degrees and a fur coat like theirs, it can feel up to 140 degrees. It is best to avoid leaving them alone in the car for any period of time. The same goes for in the hotel. Where we all love to cuddle with our pups at night, you never know what your pet will do while you are out for dinner and he is left in the hotel room alone. When dogs are in a new environment, anxiety can raise as well as boredom. Don’t get stuck paying for a new hotel bed and invest in a portable crate.

Plan, Plan, And Plan Some More…

The most important tip to remember is to ALWAYS plan your trip accommodations in advance. The last thing you want is to get to your hotel and they don’t allow dogs, or turn you away due to the size of your dog. Where most hotels are starting to understand that our pets are our family too, they still have some pretty strict rules on breed and size. Make sure to have a Plan A and Plan B location. This goes for restaurants, sightseeing and other family fun activities. If you find yourself worrying more about your pet than the fun of your trip, bringing your furry friend along may not be the best option.

Keep an eye on our website for our next blog post of some of the great local and extreme pet friendly places and activities to do on a family vacation.