Why We Get Great Walkers and Why They Go

(and why them going is actually a good thing!)


Operating a dog walking and pet sitting company is no easy business, but our business does not exist without our walkers. Below we share a bit about how we get great walkers, how we’re working to retain them and why they sometimes leave.

Operating a dog walking and pet sitting company is no easy business, but boil it down to it’s simplest form and we’re just a bunch of pet lovers walking dogs and caring for cats and critters, 25 minutes at a time. Oh, and the occasional chicken, bearded dragon and monkey. Seriously, it’s no joke! We’ve sat for them all. But all that doesn’t seem so bad right? Pull the curtain back a little further and you’ll see far more than meets the eye. It’s necessary, like all successful businesses do, to have the business plan, mission, carry bonding and insurance, hold the right license and permits, be in the right location, etc. We could keep going but none of this matters unless we have awesome pet lovers caring for your furry family members! Our business does not exist without them. Below we share a bit about how we get great walkers, how we’re working to retain them and why they sometimes leave.

At Prairie Path, we believe that being a walker can be a career. We believe we are setting a standard that pet lovers who want to work in the field are seeking out. It’s just that, more often than not, you can’t find a career as a walker at any pet care company. With PPPC, pet lovers can find work that is flexible, offers competitive pay as well as growth opportunities, provides mileage and phone reimbursement AND offers group health benefits. You’d be hard-pressed to find theses benefits at any other pet services company out there; and we’ve learned this from hiring awesome walkers who have come from the companies-who-must-not-be-named. Because of We offer these perks in an effort we’re taking steps towards turning dog walking and pet sitting into a career. This is what allows us to find great walkers, and keep them longer.

But why would you even mention that they leave?! Isn’t that bad? We don’t think so! We’ve been in business for 6+ years and we have walkers who have been with us since we opened for business. We know it’s possible to maintain long term employee relationships. We’re finding the good ones are leaving because we’re pulling superior talent that have bigger goals. Walkers going back to school, being accepted into Masters programs, accepting full-time jobs with awesome benefits, etc. As pet people ourselves, we know these are the types of individuals who we would want watching our pets as well: goal oriented, responsible, hard working and pet loving individuals. They are leaving because they are AWESOME.

Even though you might have been introduced to a few walkers by now, it’s our hope that you’ve always experienced the best in pet care, that you can depend on us as the team of walkers that you can trust. As we continue to grow, we hope that you will find yourself with an awesome walker that will be around for a long time!