Creating the perfect work out partner

Of the many realities to being a dog owner; one of the biggest, is providing our dogs with substantial amounts of daily exercise along with ourselves. Daily exercise can transform the way we feel and they behave in a quick amount of time. Both you and your dog will reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of daily exercise. Check out all the great way’s we enjoy working out with our pets. 

Fetch with a twist: You can use a frisbee, tennis ball or their favorite toy. Instead of tossing and waiting for them to bring it back to you, run after it with them! You can switch it up by doing squats, pushups or holding a plank from the time you toss it to the time your best friend returns it.

Swimming: Most dogs love to swim (sorry, most little pups are not fans of water and may sink!). Find a lake, a dog friendly pool or beach and jump in! Integrate a game of fetch while you tread water and play a round of bobbing for toys. You can also try swimming laps with your workout partner if they are comfortable in the water. Make sure to keep an eye on them the entire time and check out some life vests. Not all dogs like water or innately know how to swim, so take it slow!

Biking/rollerblading: If your dog loves to run, utilize their energy on a leash during your next outing. Make sure your dog knows commands and is ready to listen to you. Basic obedience is a work in progress and steps need to be set before running off into the sunset. You really don’t want him to take off in a sprint when you’re trying to brake! Some dogs are weary around wheels so test it out with a slow pace around the neighborhood first.

Walking: Nothing like a good walk with your best friend to get your body moving and clear your mind. For a more strenuous walk, add lunges or go for gradual hill climb to create a challenge. Dogs need to be walked daily for at least 30 minutes a day. For dogs younger than 18 months or those who are older, experiencing pain or health issues, you can trim this down into a couple 10-minute walks a day. Mix in some of the other fun exercises and games mentioned here.

After a good workout it is best to relax your hard worked muscles the right way. Why wouldn’t you want to provide that for them too? An increasing popular health benefit for dogs is canine massage. It allows your dog the assistance to stretch their muscles and relieve their physical tensions.  Also a major perk of massage is to help reduce high levels of anxiety which is a main cause for behavioral problems with dogs too. Check out Midwest Canine Massage a certified massage therapist for in home relaxation.

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